A vetran Marketer,Speaker,writer,Entrepreneur & Business coach

Brief Bio: 

Mr Iftikhar Anjum is a speaker ,marketer, writer , a business coach and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan and CEO of Octopus Communications-A full service digital agency.He is very passionate about startups and digital entrepreneurship.

Mr. Iftikhar Anjum is a keynote speaker, marketer ,business coach and an entrepreneur . He is an experienced educationist who served education sector for more than 15 years before becoming a full time entrepreneur.

He is visionary entrepreneur who understands the power of digitization and transformation. He is a digital Evangelist who preached on national and international platforms about the importance and future of digital entrepreneurship.

Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan – Co-Founder & CEO

He founded Institute of Digital Entrepreneurship Pakistan (IDE Pakistan in 2018 where he not only has equipped many young entrepreneurs with digital skills but also help them in starting their own startup

Octopus Communications -CEO

He is the co- founder & CEO of Octopus Communications a Full service digital agency.

A keynote Speaker

He is a keynote speaker about digital entrepreneurship and advanced technologies. He has spoken on many national and international platforms about digital entrepreneurship and startups.


A passionate learner who wants to learn everything…

Mr. Anjum is a passionate learner who wants to learn everything. He has a wide range of knowledge vertically as well as horizontally.

He has the honor to be Start Alumni in Advertising at Lahore University of Management (LUMS) sciences – the most prestigious university in Pakistan.

He has the degrees in the following disciplines:

Master of Philosophy (Linguistics)

Master of English Language

Master of business Administration

Master of Computer Sciences

Master of Media Studies.

He has the Graduate diploma in Digital Marketing and a certified digital marketer having scores of online and offline certifications

A writer

He also has great taste for wiring and compiled few helping books for entrepreneur


Get ready for entrepreneurship

Your Startup Coach – A step by step guide for entrepreneurs

Startup Voyage-  A book on entrepreneurship



The future of work is entrepreneurship and the future of entrepreneurship is digital Entrepreneurship.

– Iftikhar ANjum